Everyone. If you play in a professional team, academy, amateur team or just play with your friends but you believe you have the necessary skills to become a professional player or obtain a college scholarship, you have to try it!! Likewise, it does not matter your country of residence, you only have to subscribe to ScoutChamps so that Scouts around the world can get to know you and therefore, contact you!

They are Sports Directors, Team Coaches of professional teams, academies or Colleges/Universities who are constantly looking for the best athletes to improve the competitiveness of their teams. Sponsors are also considered Scouts.

No. ScoutChamps has been created with the idea that Scouts worldwide can know your athletic performance and skills. This way, you will increase your opportunities to obtain sports scholarships, become a professional player or obtain a sponsorship.

The age your parents or you think is convenient. However, if you are a minor (-18), your Parents or Legal Guardian must subscribe you. We understand that there are many young kids and teenagers who give signals that they will be "the best athletes" in the future. Consequently, this is why parents can subscribe their kids in ScoutChamps so that colleges/universities, academies or professional teams get to know them and can contact them to improve their teams.

If you choose the Free Plan, you only have to enter your information. If you choose one of our Premium Plans (monthly, semester or annual), you can subscribe via Credit Card.

That will depend on the plan you choose. If you choose our free plan, you will not be charged. If you choose the monthly plan, you will be charged only for the last days of the present month and later, you will be charged each first (01) day of every month.It is the same procedure for the semester premium plan and the annual plan, the payment will be made once the semester (July 01st) or year has ended (January 01st).

You have to enter to "My Plan" and you will find how to unsubscribe.

These are the payment plans that you acquire so that Scouts can watch your profile (videos, biography, achievements, photos, etc). Joining one of these plans will bring you more benefits than the free plan.

To begin with, the free plan is limited so that you can only upload 1 video. With our Premium plans, you can have unlimited videos to show your sports skills to the Scouts. Keep in mind that while you upload more videos with your best sports skills, there are more chances to get discovered by Scouts. There are many other advantages that you can find on our home page.

Yes, as long as they are subscribed to ScoutChamps they will be able to view your complete profile with the exception of your phone number and e-mail contact. These two contact informations will only be available for Scouts. Likewise, only subscribed Scouts will be able to view your profile.

Yes they can. The objetive of ​​ScoutChamps platform if to provide the means so that your chances of integrating a team at a college/university or profesional level are not limited only to your city or country.

Scouts will have to click on "Follow" at the Athlete´s profile and thus, your e-mail and phone numero (or your parents) will be available for the Scout. This is why it is neccesary for you or your parents/legal guardian (if you are under age -18) to add your e-mail and phone information. Similarly, Scouts can send you messages to your profile´s inbox at ScoutChamps.

No. If a Scout contacts you, the Scout will surely ask you for more videos or perform to be part of tryouts on the sport you practice. ScoutChamps provides the means so that Scouts get to know the athletes and help them obtain sports scholarships in colleges/universities, play professionaly or get sponsorship of a brand.

That is a decision that you and your parents/legal guardian (especially if you are underage) should decide. However, ScoutChamps strongly suggests that you assist with your parents/legal guardian and/or another adult you trust, and also suggests that you look for information about the Scout at the academy, team, college/university or company (if he is a Sponsor) where he works.

No. ScoutChamps is a company dedicated to help talented young Athletes to let the Scouts know them and thus, they can succeed in the Scouts´ team. Therefore, we do not charge a commission. ScoutChamps charges the athlete a monthly fee for a subscription only if the Athlete is subscribed under a Premium Plan. If the Athlete subscribes under the Free Plan, ScoutChamps does not charge any fee.

ScoutChamps does not intercede in any negotiation between the Athlete and Scout. However, if the Athlete requests ScoutChamps to represent him/her to sign a better contract (at a professional level), ScoutChamps will provide assistance.

They are Sports Directors, Team Coaches of professional teams, academies or Colleges/Universities who are constantly looking for the best athletes to improve the competitiveness of their teams. Sponsors are also considered Scouts.

You need to be the person in charge of finding new talented athletes for the academy, professional team, college/university or company (if you are a Sponsor) you work for. If you are that person, you only have to register as a Scout. Likewise you must enter your corporate e-mail (preferably) where you work for, or your personal e-mail. In this same section, you must indicate the sport of which you are a Scout.

No, the Scouts subscribe for free.

You can be in any country. The idea is that through this platform, you can observe countless Athletes and you can get in touch with them without having the need to travel without first having seen them.

No, you don´t have to recruit the Athlete. We understand that by viewing videos we can see if an Athlete has great skills for a specific sport. The idea is that you, as a Scout, identify those skills, contact them and then you can watch more videos or watch their performance in person with other Athletes on your team. This way, you can then make the decision if the Athlete meets the requirements of your team or college/university.

Yes, in your profile, you have a recruitment section in which you will be able to invite Athletes to public tryouts (tryout will be available for all of your followers if they apply) or private tryouts (only Athletes you decide to invite).